George Adams

George Adams, founding editor of NTSCMP, grew up on a council housing estate in North East England. He is an Oxford graduate of Modern Languages, Ph.D., and has taught widely in Hong Kong universities and colleges. He recently successfully completed the CPE postgraduate diploma in Law.

He has also been an author (many titles available in Hong Kong public libraries), RTHK radio presenter, music journalist and commercial web editor and was a prize winner for his German writing in a national competition for foreigners organised by the University of Berne. One of his stories won second prize in the SCMP Short Story Competition under the pseudonym of an elderly Indian gentleman living in Chung King Mansions. Adams declined the prize as the the story had been published before and had in fact been commissioned by GEO magazine for the handover in 1997.

George Adams has been a long-time resident of England, Switzerland and Hong Kong, and served as a Foreign Expert in the People's Republic of China. He also spent a year in Heidelberg, Germany.

Whilst in Switzerland he read dozens of books onto tape for the Swiss Talking Book Library for the Blind, including Tristram Shandy, an achievement of which he is particularly proud. He was also a director and actor in amateur drama.

He lives in Stanley in southern Hong Kong island. He is divorced with a daughter who now lives in Switzerland.

George Adams likes to run along and between the beaches in Stanley, listen to classical music and opera, watch old Hollywood films and loves animals, dogs in particular. He dislikes travel but goes to Europe several times a year.

Adams has been particularly influenced by the composer Sir Michael Tippett, whom he met on several occasions whilst the composer was alive, and by Denis Diderot whose works he first read at university and has loved ever since.

He regards the Internet as the modern realisation of Diderot's Encyclopaedia and just as fascinating.